beyond that horizon truth’s gon be revealed! εὕρηκα! gloria! barrier! εὕρηκα! ! εὕρηκα! hither it cometh! i rewire n i rewind that…u for real? chaotic sphere u go ! theory get it? i’m callin’ just to rock ur spirit ⏱ u ready? ☝bodhisatva aqua’n forest seems so far… inside out -EDEALITY IS ON- imagination mirror vision ∞=0 the synchronized one ❔ 0∞0 -DREAM ON AWAKE EDEALIZE IT ALL MAKE SENSE- ground, grand u witness something u’v left whole world faded off since then… angels still keep callin’ u from there – u there? edea here.
phantom of anatomy on the way it gotta be – unvigintillion of multiverse inside of me… logics disappear into the void of black eternally – knowledge is the enemy – oblivion, against the law of entropy, set u free – why ask why? memories on the psymoon – got a clue to the mystery? zoom, livin’ in the / re-zoom, lucid awake in reverie – mirrors mirage ∞ loop of OO ✨ bubble orb, a decision cause division, missioned one live on – EPITOME, IT’S ALL INSIDE OF ME
quantum skippin’ moment to come
what ends begins again
become another one
5th axis, what’s done is done
isotopic sun
microscopic atom bomb
quantum skippin’ moment to come
stuck in a sick spiral of samsara some
effects reflects the facts, facts to fix
kiss good bye to