“Highway Light II”
Lyrics by OnyxOculus

Time to say goodbye to if’s and but’s
None of them would happen anyway
Let your future define your past
Don’t let your past set your future

Time to say goodbye to might-have-beens
Missed chances, lost time and everythin’
Gotta move on up
Don’t let your past hold you back

Take off the ground with sparks of urge
Against the bullets of rain
On a night like this
Tear up the script and burn it all with cigars
A wibbly-wobbly whirly thing is heading towards us

Bring your plastic pride with you
And bluff it out for yourself
Laughin’ off the crisis
Ride on Starbug not knowing where to go
All alone but with her lingering scent on the backseat

Rev it up, rev it up
Rev it up, go reckless
Zillions of stars whooshin’ far away

Rev it up, rev it up
Rev it up to the fullest
Stars passed by, let’s drive the night away

Have I still got me shinageshmation?
I used to be the sun
I once was on the run

Still I dream every night
Screamin’ inside
Oh yeah