“Catch My Popcorn Thrown”
Lyrics by OnyxOculus

Pop, pop, pop
Paradoxical my mad mind
Maxim’ pep in my head

Somebody tap me
Pat me
Poppin’ the puzzle

I’m a puppet?

Better be happy-go-lucky
Don’t be chicken little
Boy, If I end up a prophet of doom
Make me dumb
Put me ina quarantine with epidem
Till the crack of dawn
You gon’ see what happens
i go loco bum
Still I remember the time vivid in my mnemon
Become a mummy man?
But still alive deep within!
Diggin’ it, diggin’ it, embed a bomb
Believin’ in my weapon
Just a phenomenon like
Dippin’ poppadum in my chicken vindaloo
Thinkin’ of brownie thingabub
Tempt me to go number two
Empty tummy – Full tummy
Empty – Full – Empty – Full…
My digestive system very busy with a peppercorn
Everytime I get the riddle in the middle of my little medulla oblongata
One drop make a ripple
Turn it backward
Oh I’m dirty u-oh I’m dirty one
No no, dibi dibi
Still it’s just begun
Lookin’ back what i’ve done, self evident
Lot of shame, lot of shame, never can forget em
But no matter what i be i do not give a damn
Smokin’ hubbly bubbly and calm down
Cause even when i’m feminine, even when i’m hem hem
If an opportunity knocks then i call dibs on em