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Lyrics by OnyxOculus

Infinite Zero
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M.y_W.o.r.l.d access Y.o.u.r_W.o.r.l.d

No wonder some go against your grain
So why suppress emotion?
Always keep your heart wide open
Dive into the ocean naked
Your wounds will represent your waves
Even at the nadir where you’re all alone
Just look into the deep inside of yourself

The sensor is flashin’ on
Now carefully step back, one, two
Kill the prejudice, kill the hasty mind
Boy, don’t lose the sense of distance
Too close is a no-no
Otherwise your world won’t be secure
If you wanna be smart, act smart
Sometimes you gotta enter the Invincible mode
Find yourself in yourself
Don’t give a look to trifles
Seek, and never lose your raison d’être
At your own pace, run the fast track
Go back and forth between Yes and No
Ain’t nothin’ to lose no more

Know you know nothin’
As Socrates have told ya
World expandin’
There ain’t no mountain high enough

Know they know nothin’
They actin’ like they know it
Don’t let no one infect your world
Boy, stand tough